Exploring Authentic German Foods: A Guide to Traditional German Cuisine

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If you’re looking for an authentic Austrian/German restaurant experience, you’re in the right place. The Bauernschmaus Restaurant is proud to serve some of the most delicious traditional German foods in town. Whether you’re a fan of sausages, dumplings, or schnitzels, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your cravings. In this guide, we’ll explore the classic dishes served in German restaurants, so you can prepare yourself for a mouth-watering meal at our restaurant.

Staple Meat Dishes
Germans love meat to the extent that it is almost a staple food for them. You can find meat dishes in their midday and evening meals accompanied by beer. And sometimes you can see meat preparations even on the breakfast menu. Traditional German meat dishes are generally soaked in creamy sauces, buttery rolls, and baked squashes.

Traditional German Sausages
When it is traditional German food, sausages cannot be left out. You will be surprised to know that more than 1500 different types of sausages are made in Germany. Different places will offer you different types of sausages.

Germans make excellent salads (and not just of the potato variety). Most menus feature big, varied, dinner-size salad plates. Besides Gemischter Salat (your basic mixed salad based on lettuce), you’ll likely come across options ranging from Gurken Salat,  a Cucumber Salad, to Alt Wiener Salat — “Old Vienna,” a salad mixed salad with chopped ham and breaded mushrooms and cauliflower.

Don’t discount the chance to splurge on authentic German dining. With cooking shows as popular on German television as they are here, Germans are now taking their food as seriously as their neighbors in France and beyond. Whether you’re a foodie, a vegetarian, or a hard-core carnivore, authentic German restaurants now offer a world of flavors to satisfy every kind of traveler.

The Bauernschmaus Restaurant is family-owned and operated and has been serving the Edmonton area for over forty-five years. We serve authentic Austrian and German cuisine in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. Portions are quite satisfying, but if you still have room, treat yourself to one of our delectable desserts that are all made in-house. We offer a broad range of imported beers, and our wine list has options to suit every budget. We welcome you to a dining experience like no other! We cater to customers from across Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Stony Plain, Nisku, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, Gibbons, and the surrounding areas.
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