German/Austrian Culinary Haven Awaits: Edmonton German / Austrian Restaurant

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    "The most authentic German restaurant in Edmonton. This place will not disappoint.

    Delicious menu full of schnitzel. Pork, veal, vegetarian. Huge flavorful dumplings, and the salad dressing they use here is superior! (They sell bottles of it). The special on Saturdays is a potato noodle with gravy sauce as a side dish option. Delicious.

    It's everything you would expect for a wonderful German restaurant."

    Karina Scheers (TheFitNinjas)
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    This is likely the best restaurant I've eaten at Edmonton. The food is excellent. The service is amazing, and price shows itself in the quality of it all.

    Trevor DeMaere
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    We were a party of two for a 5:30pm seating.

    Came down the road and there isn't a sign on the Northside of the building and I missed the turn off.

    Arrived after a quick couple of turn arounds to get into the parking lot. We had reserved patio seating, but when we went there, the traffic noise was pretty bad. Asked to be seated inside and got the table right in front of the restroom entrance.

    Ordered a couple of waters and a Warsteiner (out of the bottle). My wife wasn't that hungry. So she ordered the fresh garden salad and the Goulash soup. I ordered a cucumber salad and as well received a smaller garden salad as well. Next time I'll ask to maybe make a substitution. Although I received my daily helping of ruffage in one shot.

    I as well ordered the weiner schnitzel with quarter fries (French fries). Once my salad frenzy was complete I was in need of another Warsteiner and then my most delicious schnitzel arrived and I proceeded to devour it. In my haste I neglected to take a picture.

    I'll need to not make that same mistake on our next visit.

    Thanks a lot to the staff for a most enjoyable and pleasant evening.

    Brian Speck
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    We arrived at this restaurant for dinner. my friend recommended this spot. Well, it was a winning. The crew welcomed us with a smile and we felt fantastic. The food was just great. We had a great time and we will visit this place again. Keep it up.

    Tripp Stanton
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    Great little place! Make sure that you are hungry though, the portions are sizable.

    Your dinner starts will a lovely trio of salads and a basket of buns and butter. The main course was too big for me to finish and the server wrapped it up on a foil swan. I definitely recommend this place

    Lela Bear
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    So glad I’ve finally gone there. Every item on the menu is well executed, from the salad with house made dressing to the requisite schnitzel. Definitely will be going back and bringing all my friends!!!

    Esther Pettigrew
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    This is one of my all-time favourite restaurants. The food is always delicious and the menu has variety to suit everyone. You can't go wrong with the schnitzel or the paprika stew. Their salad and their dumplings are so yummy. And don't miss the strudel! The service is friendly and the ambiance is comfortable. A must-try!

    Liza S
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    Amazing authentic Austrian cuisine, best regional date I've had outside Germany and Austria. Well definitely be coming back. European decor with wonderful service, and everything is made fresh! The gulash soup is to die for exactly like in Europe!! The schnitzel is so tender, you can hear them pounding the meat in the kitchen making everyone's meal fresh!! Just like being in Europe, if you can't afford a European vacation just come here for the experience.

    Kayleigh Harris
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    Absolutely love this place! Great menu, good value, super staff. A little tough to find, but well worth the effort. (but I probably won't try the dumpling again)

    Gerrit Bjalek
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    Awesome food, this place never disappoints, I always come here when I visit from Ontario..see you in 2 years

    Lise Hebert
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    This places is a hidden gem. Food was fantastic. I very very rarely have German dishes, but have tried a few before and I was very pleased with my meal. Also they have some decent German beers in bottles as well. Nice little patio area and good service. Don't be in a rush, but you shouldn't be if you're going here anyways!

    Curtis Wakefield
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    Definitely a spot worth trying, the food is excellent and well prepared, the prices are reasonable and it is always well kept here. Highly recommended.

    Duke Castaneda
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    This quaint, family-run establishment is, bar none, my favourite restaurant in Edmonton. I've been going here for over 40 years, since I was a little kid, and I still love it. Authentic Austrian food, expertly prepared, absolutely delicious.

    I've been to many of the most iconic restaurants in Vienna & Salzburg and, honestly, they don't do it any better than the Bauernschmaus does it right here in Edmonton!

    Alan Ticheler
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    Fantastic service, excellent food, will definitely be back!

    Robert Pettigrew
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    This is not a big nor terribly fancy place but the prices are a bit higher than for most restaurants we have gone to on this trip.

    What you get is a large selection of mostly pork based dishes. Some veal and some chicken but most port chop or smoked pork prepared in different ways with different accompaniments.

    For example - smoked pork - which some might call ham, but this is definitely not the ham you get in the tin or at the delli.

    Is the authentic German food, I don't know. But is is unique. And tasty.

    A little more and you have something to talk about when you get back home or to the office or the friends house.

    Randy Roesler