Four Acts That Can Be Harmful To A Restaurateur

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Restaurateurs make a lot of efforts to provide you with the best possible services. In return, you can contribute to their efforts and acknowledge their work by extending your kind words.

Apart from compliments on their services, you can also be mindful of certain things that can help so that you do not intentionally or unintentionally cause trouble for them and enjoy your time while availing of their services.

If you’re looking for traditional Austrian cuisine, here’s a list of four acts that can be harmful to a restaurateur.

Tip #1: Not making a prior reservation
For a seamless experience, make a prior reservation and keep it. Or, in case something comes up, at least call them up and make a cancellation.

Tip #2: Being rude
If you “just show up” without a reservation, don’t be rude and obnoxious when they have to turn you away. It’s your fault, not the restaurant’s. Also, don’t assume that it was received because you sent an email. Always call and speak to someone directly to confirm.

Tip #3: Being clueless about information while making a reservation
When you call the restaurant and speak to someone, be ready with your information, like what date and time you would like the reservation, and how many people is it for? You shouldn’t be asking the person next to you for the information. Have it ready when you call so you aren’t wasting time unnecessarily.

Tip #4: Being a no-show
That is most disrespectful to the establishment, as they have prepared for you to be seated and served and possibly turned others away because of your requested time. Everyone has a cell phone, so call and cancel if necessary. Things happen, and that is understood, so just call. Not showing up is a horrible thing to do, especially for bigger parties.

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