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All our meals are served with mixed salad and your choice of buttered potatoes, dumpling, Viennese pasta or French fries.

Bauernschmaus-“Farmer’s Feast” Smoked pork loin, sausage, and pork roast served with sauerkraut or red cabbage 28.50$...Gf 

Promenaden Platte-Combination of breaded smoked pork loin, sausage and pork cutlet 27.00$

Wienerschnitzel-Breaded Veal Cutlet just like in Vienna 30.00$

Schweinsschnitzel-Breaded Pork Cutlet “Very Lean” 28.00$

Pariserschnitzel-Pork Cutlet “Parisian”batter pan fried 28.50$

Jagerschnitzel-Pork Cutlet with fried mushrooms 30.00$

Parmaschnitzel- Pork Cutlet in parmesan cheese batter 30.00$

Tirolerschnitzel-Pork Cutlet “Tyrol”in seasoned sour cream sauce 30.00$

Paprikaschnitzel-Pork cutlet with paprika sauce 30.00$

Kalbsgulyas- Very Lean Veal Paprika Stew 28.00$....Gf

Paprikahendel-Boneless Breast of Chicken with spiced paprika sauce 30.00$

Panierte Hunerbrust-Breaded boneless breast of chicken 28.50$

Zwiebelrostbraten-Pork Cutlet with butter fried onions 30.00$

Gebackener Kase, karfoil und pilze-“Vegetarian Delight” Breaded Cheese, cauliflower and mushrooms 30.00$